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Waynon & Krystal. . wow, what a day it was! Hot, humid. . the waves were HUGE. . breaking perfectly for a SEASONED surfer!  But, Waynon had to go stand in line at the 'bunny hill'.  There was a reef down the beach a little way and the surfing instructor lead Waynon, Krystal and six other novices towards the bunny waves.  It would be a year or so. . maybe on the next trip to Costa Rica, before Waynon would even attempt those monster Dominical waves!  After their one-hour lesson, the new class decided to go out for lunch.  These students were from all over the world, converging in Dominical, Costa Rica. . for their first surfing lesson!  An hour later, over two plates of Gallo Pinto and some fresh coffee, Waynon and Krystal decided to spend the rest of the day driving up to Manuel Antonio National Park. The rest is history. . five years later, they both can hang ten with the best of them.  They live together. . less that 150 yards from the beach. . surfing in tandem forever. .
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Submitted 6/17/2022
Submitted 6/17/2022
Walt & Connie. . Costa Rica changes you! This country will make an adventurer out of anyone!  Many times, a 'geek' has turned into a thrill-seeking stud. . many computer nerds have changed totally into hiking, climbing, surfing, diving maniacs!  Mother Nature shows her powerful forces to us & we're hooked on the adrenaline burst.  Walt is an IT guy. . worked remotely from his condo in South Florida.  Connie moved to Costa Rica in 2016.  Walt needed to get away & set up shop in the Arenal area for a month.  He could work from anywhere.  Connie lived in the area and they met at the farners market one Sunday morning!  Connie knew all the cool places to go in the area & invited Walt for an afternoon at the waterfall!  "Bring your bathing suit", she said.  Well, not only did they swim in the pond below the falls, but Connie talked Walt into rappelling the waterfall!  Instantly, he felt ALIVE!  That's all it took! Now, Walt & Connie are together forever. . hiking, climbing, surfing & diving!
Submitted 6/19/2022
Lucy & Oliver. . Daddy's got a sweet tooth! And so does 5 million other people here in Costa Rica!  Oliver first moved here in 2015.  He simply loves the lifestyle, the culture, the people. . and he loves to do good things for his friends & neighbors!  He has so many friends because of his 'giving' nature.  Oliver was brought up in the UK by parents who taught him that being nice to others will not only get you far in life, but more important, it will make you feel wonderful!  Oliver goes to the corner bakery every morning to buy tarts, bread and other sweet treats for his neighbors!  He's been doing this for quite a few years.  Lucy works there and noticed that Oliver either had a huge sweet tooth or was buying for others.  Last Holiday season, Lucy asked Oliver why he buys so many morning treats.  He said that he loves to make people happy!  Well, six months later, Oliver is making Lucy happy. . they're dating. . there should be a wedding very soon! A sweet couple together forever!
Submitted 6/19/2022
Valentina & Tommy. . 'Due diligence' is Tommy's middle name!  He's all business when it comes to buying something big.  He always hires the best attorneys and he does his homework prior to any purchase.  Tommy bought a home here, very close to Manuel Antonio.  That was in 2016.  He's lived there for six years now and loves his life.  Well, it turns out that Valentina was his attorney's assistant.  She did such a great job in setting up the purchase that he gave her a bonus.  She has a young child and Tommy wanted to buy him something fun as well.  They always stayed in touch and when Tommy wanted to buy another property in eary 2021, she got into gear and did another wonderful jub for him.  Now, they are married and Tommy has a new little boy and a wonderful, loving wife.  Cupid works overtime here in Costa Rica and he hit his mark once again.  Tommy tells me that Valentina is expecting a baby boy.  In a few months, Tommy's new family will be expanding! Pura Vida!
Vicki & Nick. . the memories we take back with us from Costa Rica. . they last a lifetime, don't they?  Nick first arrived in Costa Rica way back in the 70's!  When he graduated from high school, he and his friends wanted to get away. . FAR, FAR AWAY, before they had to start college.  So about three days after they graduated, Nick, Tommy & Ricky flew to San Jose and made their way to a fishing camp in Golfito.  It was a long trek back then. . no paved roads. . a 4-wheel-drive BARELY made it.  But, the fishing was good and the people were friendly!  This past February, 50 years later, Nick, Tommy & Ricky made another trip!  Same fishing camp. . lots of fun. . only 50 years older!  Nick met a nice lady who was in charge of the daily fishing tours.  They hit it off BIG TIME and now Nick is planning on returning to contineue their romance.  He's thinking about July 15 or so.  He's very excited about seeing Vicki once again and who knows, marriage could be right around the corner!
Submitted 6/20/2022
Submitted 6/22/2022
Vivian & Cristan. . the time is now!  We've all heard that before.  And there is something to it.  Many people are procrastinators!  If they can put something off, they do.  And there is a fine line between the PURA VIDA LIFESTYLE and being a procrastinator!  It's simply a matter or rearranging PRIORITIES.  There's an art to it and when you have mastered this art, then you are indeed living the PURA VIDA LIFESTYLE.  Cristan first visited Costa Rica in 2006.  He bought his first home here in 2017.  And he was contemplating adding a bigger deck in the back, overlooking the ocean.  He put it off for 4 years. . until February of 2021.  Well, he's happy he waited for so long.  Vivian was the daughter of the guy that poured the concrete.  She just started working with her dad and Cristan's home was their first job!  Long story short, Vivian is no longer working for her dad and just married Cristan this past February.  They are in love and are expecting their first child!  Gotta love it!
Submitted 6/22/2022
Isaac & Alejandra. . the weather report called for rain, rain and more rain.  Isaac was shopping at Escazu's famous MultiPlaza mall.  When he arrived, it was sunny and hot.  When he was walking to the bus stop to go home, it was starting to sprinkle.  Like many of us do, Isaac forget his umbrella that day.  When he exited his bus by Paseo Colon, it was pouring!  It took Isaac about 30 seconds to go from DRY to SOAKED to the SKIN!  He ducked under a close-by overhang and was waiting for the shower to stop!  It didn't stop!  45 minutes later, his neighbor walked by with a very large umbrella!  She noticed and recognized Isaac as her neighbor.  She was going that way, so she invited Isaac along for the ride. . the DRY ride!  A few days later, Isaac bought and delivered to his neighbor a TRES LECHES cake to thank Alejandra for her kindness.  The rest is history.  3 years later, they are married & NEITHER NEVER FORGET their umbrellas during the rainy season!  Pura Vida!
Submitted 6/24/2022
Ivan & Patricia. . and we all need to learn how to cook, don't we?  Ivan graduated from the University of Minnesota just six months ago, in January of 2022.  His pent-up energy and desire to spread his wings brought him to Costa Rica in early February.  He wanted to relax his soul and recharge his brain.  He told us that he doesn't want to make any decisions whatsoever for the next two months.  He never learned how to cook, so he's taking a course in San Jose and he loves it!  The only decision needed is whether he adds one or two pinches of salt to his dishes!  Patricia is one of the course instructors there.  Let's just say that Ivan not only loves the way Patricia tosses her salads, but he enjoys watching her bake a tart or two!  They are dating now and Ivan tells me that when he learns enought Spanish to ask her to marry him, he'll do so!  Cupid's arrow finds his target in the kitchen, too.  Nothing but GOOD NEWS and TRUE LOVE coming out of Costa Rica!
Submitted 6/25/2022
Harry & Heydi.. coffee, coffee and more coffee.  At last estimate, there are over 40,000 coffee growers here in Costa Rica.  As you may know, coffee is a huge part of this country's export business.  People from over 90 countries purchase Costa Rican coffee for their cafes, restaurants & hotels.  Even McDonalds includes purchases from Costa Rica for thousands of their restaurants systemwide.  Starbucks has its own plantation here!  Heydi & her father, Jose, own one of these microplantations.  Harry is a coffee wholesaler who has the exciting job of sourcing out these golden beans to retailers globally!  Harry has been dealing with this father & daughter team for 4 years.  He finally asked Heydi out to lunch.  This was 11 months ago. . Harry told us that they are in love & slowly but surely, they are on track to tie the knot close to Christmas time this year.  "Coffee & Conversation" is a powerful tool in bringing two people from different cultures together. . FOREVER!